Our First Collection
Between the waves and forests deep,
We’ve slept long on false belief
We’ve had our fill of ash and oil,
Set fire to the last of the fertile soil
I waited for others and they for me,
Patience spent on inactivity
Hope was spent for blissful quiet,
Until our hungers turned for riot
So we’ve squandered and so I bleed,
For the birds and bees, the seas and seeds
When they are all lost, then so too are we,
Between the waves and forests deep


Between the Waves and Forests Deep is Sawyer’s first series of garments set for release in early 2020. Our first collection brings attention to the vital issues facing the biodiversity of underwater plant species.

We are calling out to the wild, and the need to explore more than what we see in order to understand our impact on the world around us. We want to take you on a journey of the underwater ecosystems which provide our oceans and land with life. 

Flowing and free fitting clothes are designed to evoke the weightlessness of these underwater worlds. Cool colours and luxurious textures combine to create the feeling of salt water against bare skin. 

Pairing premium deadstock and natural fabrics with elegant, timeless designs has allowed us to create a collection of conscious outfits that will outlast misogyny itself. These evocative designs are meant to draw a very real connection to nature and breathtaking underwater landscapes. 

By creating a tether between the wearer and the critical issues facing our underwater ecosystems we hope to spread awareness and empowerment. We want the outfit choices people make everyday to spark a sense of action. Let's push ourselves to be the change we want to see in the world. 

Written by Emily Hodge

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