Sawyer is a bespoke women's brand. We are a sustainably minded luxury label with a focus on environmentalism and conscious consumption.

Our garments are made to make a difference, to you and the world around you. Inspired by the beautiful natural world around us our garments are made for the wanderer, the explorer, the lovers of the sea and the snow alike.

Made locally and ethically in Australia, from quality materials in small production runs, Sawyer aims to break the boundaries of what sustainable fashion has become and continually create a new path forward for the conscious consumer. We believe that to create something beautiful we have to respect and protect the land, creatures and people who are involved in the process.

Our pieces are designed differently, through exploring stories of our natural world, we seek to share the lines, colours and patterns our earth has given us. We want you to feel connected to these pieces, the people who have made them and experience the stories of our land that you may not have heard before. 

We are here because we want to leave behind a net positive impact, for people and our beautiful planet. Explore our Sustainability page to find out more.