At the heart and soul of Sawyer is the belief that sustainability is the only way forward, for business and for individuals. While there is a lot of different language surrounding the concept of sustainability to us it means creating a better future for people and the planet. Each decision we make for Sawyer takes into consideration our environmental, social and economic footprint as we strive to create a business that makes the world around us a better place. 

Clothing and the systems of the fashion industry have been costly to the earth, and many, many communities around the world. We aim to be continually taking steps to reduce our impact and be leaving a net positive impact behind us. We believe that sustainable production and ethical production cannot happen without each other. Our passion for a better future for all means that we cannot exploit either the people who make our clothes, or the planet we all live on. 

Our Production:

Sawyer’s garments are made locally in Australia in a waste free, ethical studio in Brisbane. We produce in small, limited runs with organic, natural fibres or deadstock fabrics which have been saved from landfill and repurposed into new pieces. We use recycled or organic threads, repurposed zips and seek to keep using innovative technologies and materials as we find them. 

Shipping and Packaging:

We ship our pieces to you with a carbon neutral courier. They come wrapped lovingly in recycled tissue paper, brown paper and tied up with a beautiful piece of fairtrade banana silk, made in Nepal by artisans. We send your garments to you in either recycled cardboard boxes or biodegradable postage bags which can be reused and then composted, either at home or in a commercial composting facility. 

Partnerships and Projects:

The purpose and passion behind Sawyer comes from our ambition to build a business that does more and does better. We have partnered with The Climate Foundation as we aim to bring awareness to Kelp Reforestation, and the incredible capabilities of this ocean plant in regenerating the oceans and our land. Part of Sawyer's profits will go towards the reforestation of kelp in Tasmania. We aim to take a more hands on approach to this issue, and many more as we build our business and use our profit to leave a net positive impact behind.

We have ambitious goals, and while we are small we can all be powerful, empowered individuals. We aim to be completely transparent throughout our processes and open up the conversation surrounding what it takes to make you beautiful, sustainable and well made clothing.

The key to our planet's future is in the choices of consumers each and every day. We hope to inspire and empower you through feeling incredible in your clothing to go out and change the world.